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Palangka Raya Declaration on REDD+ and MRV in Peatland, 29.09.2010

Palangka Raya Declaration on REDD+ and MRV in Peatland
2nd International Workshop on "Wild Fire and Carbon Management in Peat-Forest in Indonesia"
Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan (Indonesia)
28th – 29th September 2010

1. The participants recognize the importance of sustainable carbon management in peatland.
2. The participants learn wide variety of methodologies through the four groups: (1) Wild fire detection and database system (FF), (2) Carbon Assessment (CA), (3) Carbon Management (CM), and (4) Peatland
Management (PM).
3. The participants identify the specific topics to be set up for achieving sustainable carbon management in peatland:
(i) Comprehensive monitoring and assessment systems
(ii) International collaboration framework
(iii) Standardization of methodology for assessment
4. Proposed standard methodology in associated with carbon MRV has been discussed and supported by participants from Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam and Germany.
5. Standard methodology includes:
(i) measurement focusing on the use of technologies for evaluating
(1) CO2 flux, (2) peat/forest fire and hotspot, (3) forest degradation/recovery and vegetation mapping, (4) forest biomass change, (5) peatland subsidence, (6) water level and soil moisture, (7) peat thickness and carbon storage, and (8) water soluble organic carbon.
(ii) monitoring focusing on the integration ground measurement and remote sensing data for monitoring carbon dynamics in peatland.
(iii) estimation focusing on GHGs emission from deforestation using model application that referred to the IPCC guidelines, UNFCCC guidance and other international standard.
6. To establish the Standard Methodology, the participants agree to propose MRV system for REDD+ in Peatland to International Society as “Palangka Raya Declaration on MRV for REDD+ in Peatland” as follow with one figure;
a. Peatland Inventory (National Level) by International Collaboration on Peatland Mapping
b. Carbon Stock in Peatland (Project Level) by standard measuring protocol
c. Carbon Flux Model on Deforestation and Degradation (International Sentinel) by International Initiative with Climate Change Center
d. Frontier Project of REDD+ Model (Central Kalimantan) to make a proposal to realize REDD+ in Peatland of Central Kalimantan
7. All of these methods and parameters implemented in this study are very important and will be continuously proposed by BSN (The National Standardization Agency, Indonesia) through international meetings in order to develop standard for deforestation as a follow up of ISO/TC207 Mexico Meeting Resolutions, No. 9/2010 and 13/2010.
Source: Prof. Osaki, UNI Hokkaido, Japan