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    Large areas of globally important tropical peatland in Southeast Asia are under threat from land clearance, degradation and fire jeopardising their natural functions as reservoirs of biodiversity, carbon stores and hydrological buffers. Local research capability will be strengthened enabling peatland managers to better understand and address the different, interrelated processes operating in tropical peatlands.



LiDAR and Ortho-Photo Survey in East- and Cenral Kalimantan Aug 2011

Figure: Airborne LiDAR Survey with 3.5 Lp/m² in average between 29.7. - 7.8.2011 in East and Central Kalimantan; Balikpapan, Sambodja Lestari and Bukit Suharto and Palangkaraya with Ex-Mega Rice Project and several peatlands between Katingan and Barito monitored for UNI Ehime, Japan, Prof. Tatsuo Sweda.

In August 2007 and 2011 we mapped by helicopter different PSF transactions with Riegl LiDAR Technology (LMS-Q560) in East and Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. In this study, our main objectives were: a) to describe our activities during the multi-temporal LiDAR survey; b) to evaluate the peat swamp forest resilience with multi-temporal LiDAR observation; and c) to demonstrate our future activities concerning to the applicability of LiDAR technology in different environmental applications.

In 2011 we used an EUROCOPTER BK117 helicopter starting in Balikpapan with the equipment in the avionic bay including a high-resolution Hasselblad camera for Ortho-Photos. Our custumer was the UNI Ehime, Japan, Prof. Tatsuo Sweda.