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Orang Utan with baby, Katja Island - Aug 2007
Ortho-Photo Mosaik from Sei Gohong Village with river Rungan, taken on 8.8.2007
LiDAR-DTM of Bukit Batu with contourlines, approx. 33km from Palangkaraya
LiDAR-DSM from Kasongan with river Katingan, 28m water level-8.8.2007
Ortho-Photo from upper Kahayan with Dayak village Mahoroi, 9.8.2007
LiDAR Survey DTM of mountains in Heart of Borneo with contourlines, taken on 9.8.2007
LiDAR tracks in Heart of Borneo on Landsat image 1999; red is meaning high and blue low elevation, taken on 9.8.2007, courtesy by Qcoherent ®
Aerial photo of pristine diperocarp forest at Lakapoi, Bapak Thumb, 9.8.2007
Ortho-Photo of camp Beruang, taken on 9.8.2007
Primary Forest in Heart of Borneo
LiDAR Survey August 2007 in Kalteng, Indonesia, LiDAR Survey Team with Bell Helicopter 206 on MSC pad, August 2007
LiDAR survey of Ex-Mega Rice Project for Wetlands International and UNPAR, CKPP, 7.8.2007
LiDAR-tracks in Central Kalimantan - from Surrvey Aug 2007
LiDAR-survey-DTM from Block B+C and Sabangau CIMTROP transect, Aug 2007
LiDAR-DTM track of nat. laboratory CIMTROP with contourlines 18m - 26m
LiDAR-Flight 5. Aug 2007 from PKY along the Main Channel to Barito and back over Mawas area and Block E with burn scar
LiDAR-DTM Peat Topography (interpol.) between rivers Kahayan, Kapuas and Barito, contourlines in 1m steps
LiDAR-Survey 6 Aug 2007 over Ex-Mega Rice Project Block A+B+C
6 Peatprofiles with Peatdoms between Kapuas and Barito resp. Mentangai in Blocks A+E