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SRTM-X-SAR-Data 30mx30m from Sabangau National Park Area, Processing of X-SAR-DATA from SRTM in 2-2000; Sabangau National Park area; 9-2006
Greifswald, SER2006-Conference
SER2006-Conference in cathedral of Greifswald 24.8.2006
SER2006-Conference in cathedral, Prof. Haber presentation
SER2006-Conference in cathedral, Prof. Hans Joosten presentation
SER2006-Conference in cathedral, Prof. Succow and Mr. Jeschke, 24.8.2006
SER2006-Conference Andi Langer, Suwido Limin, Saritha Kittie Uda-24.8.2006
Excursion to island Rügen, Gager
Excursion to island Rügen, Henk Wösten, Raymond, Henk Ritzema, Herbert Diemond
SER-Conference-Dinner Prof. Michael Succow
UNPAR-international workshop in Palangkaraya-18.9.2006
UNPAR-international workshop in Palangkaraya-Dr. Aswin Usup, Dr. Hendrik Segah-18.9.2006
UNPAR-international workshop in Palangkaraya-Humala Pontas-18.9.2006
Excursion to Tumbang Nusa at the bridge with peat fires - Aswin, Jukka, Maija, Iida-17.9.2006
UNPAR-international workshop in Palangkaraya-Prof. Yustinus Sulistiyanto-16.9.2006
CIMTROP-office at UNPAR - Dr.Suwido Limin, Dr. Viktor Boehm - 2.10.2006
KLH-Office - Dr. Sehat Jaya and Mr. Moses - 29.9.2006
KLH-Office - Mr. Esau, Mr. Moses, Mr. Faridz - 29.9.2006
International Workshop in Bogor - Dr. Takashi Inoue - 21.9.2006
International Workshop in Bogor - Herwint Simbolon, Mr. Kobayashi - 21.9.2006
CIFOR-office Bogor, Dr. Gen Takao, Dr. Unna Chokkalingam - 22.9.2006