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    We measure distances by illuminating a target with a laser and analyze the reflected light.



Successful Helicopter Flight Trials with Airborne Laser Scanning Technology of Central Kalimantan from 5. to 10. August 2007 by company Kalteng Consultants; 8-2007

Kalteng Consultants has performed together with the German company Milan Geoservices GmbH many Airboren Laser Scanning-ALS-Helicopter Flight Survey in Central Kalimantan from 5th to 10th August 2007. The preparation of this high-technological LiDAR-flight campaign was not easy and took several months. Finally every thing came together like a miracle, e.g. the availability of the ALS-equipment, the procedure of the custom, the availability of the helicopter with an excellent pilot, good weather conditions, to procure many recommendation letters and a marvellous team, see photo. We measured the first and last Echo with the DSM (Digital Elevation Model) and DTM (Digital Terrain Model).

The purpose of these trials was to get high-resolution three-dimensional information from the landscape in form of the topography, to measure the tree-height and the bio-mass, to get knowledge of the peat dome in that huge peatland area including of carbon storage, the shape of the river basin Kahayan and Rungan, to scan the Tangkiling mountains with Rungan Sari, the Orang Utan Katia Island and Sei Gohong, to scan the Rungan and Kahayan river up to the heart of Borneo with the mining area and Bapak´s thumb Lakapoi, to scan the Small Scale Gold Mining (SSGM) activities near the village Kasongan in the Katingan district and finally to scan the province capital town Palangkaraya.

The ALS-data and ortho-photos will be processed and analysed now and published in the near future. An example of an ortho-photo is shown from the Kalimantan Meeting Centre (KMC) in Rungan Sari with a resolution of 50 pixel per m². In the evening of the 10th August we held a thank you selamatan in Mustafa’s and Litha´s house. I give thanks to all who have been contributed to these flight trials and I thank my great team.

LiDAR-flight team in Rungan Sari, Central Kalimantan, 10th August 2007