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    kalteng remote sensing shows trends in environments like Kalimantan.


remote sensing

Visiting of Wetlands International Camp on 10.10.2010 and LiiDAR- Ortho-Photo- and Aerial-Data; 10-2010

WI-Camp with a lot of water in the main channel of Ex-Mega Rice Project

Visiting of Wetlands  International Camp with German BOS-delegation on 10.10.2010
and LiDAR-, Ortho-Photo- and Aerial-Data

Boehm-KC-LiDAR-Ortho of Camp-WI-10-10-2010.pdf
Viktor Boehm
  • The used LiDAR-Data, Ortho- and Aerial-Photos were taken on 5.8.2007
  • The Wetlands International Camp in the frame of CKPP was finished in 2007/2008
  • In Aug. + Sept. 2009 strong fires came close to the WI-Camp and burned a lot of trees in the Mawas and Block A area
  • 2010 is a „La Nina“-year with a lot of water and nearly no dry season
  • On 10.10.2010 the black water stands over the WI-dams of the main channel and up to the Mentangai river
  • The water level was on the 10.10.2010 approx. 1m to 2m higher as normal in this
    time of the year

Ortho-Photos from main channel, Wetlands International camp (left) and Mentangai river (right)