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    kalteng remote sensing shows trends in environments like Kalimantan.


remote sensing

Monitoring land cover and impacts, Remote Sensing (RS) and GIS used for Kalteng and Sarawak Borneo; STRAPEAT; 4-2002

STRAPEAT-workshop in Palangkaraya March 2002 and Sibu-Sarawak April 2002;
STRAPEAT State of Knowledge Report

STRAPEAT-Team in Sibu, Sarawak, 5.4.2002

STRAPEAT-Team at CIMTROP-office, UNPAR, Palangkaraya

First six monthly report .pdf

Dr. H.-D.V. Boehm, Dr. F. Siegert

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Status of Remote Sensing and GIS For the STRAPEAT-Project, from 2002 to 2004, we have procured for analysis five Landsat images for Kalteng and Sarawak, in the time periode 1999 to 2000. New Landsat ETM images for the STRAPEAT-Project for Kalteng and Sarawak. 119/061 26.11.1999 all bands Kasongan 119/062

26.11.1999 all bands Sampit 120/058 31.08.2000 all bands Sibu on lower edge 120/059
31.08.2000 all bands Sibu on upper edge 121/059
18.05.2000 all bands Kuching In a second timeframe, approx. 2002 or 2003, we will analysis the difference of land use and vegetation changes in the peatland of Kalteng and Sarawak. The image shows several Landsat images from the Sarawak province, East-Malaysia.