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    kalteng remote sensing shows trends in environments like Kalimantan.


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Application of Remote Sensing and GIS to monitor Peatland multi-temporal in Central Kalimantan, 11-1999

Proceedings of the International Symposium on Tropical Peatland TROPEAT,
Bogor, Indonesia, 22-23 Nov 1999, pp.329-347,
H.-D.V. Boehm, F. Siegert

LANDSAT TM images. Several neighbouring nearly cloud free Landsat scenes (118-61 and 118-62) acquired in 1991, 1994, 1996, 1997, 1998 and 2000 which cover 65000 km2, are available to the Kalteng Consultants team.

Furthermore other LANDSAT TM images are also available. Some areas covered by these images are evaluated and classified during an ongoing project. LANDSAT TM images offer the highest quality available in terms of vegetation classification and land use affordable mapping. The images have a ground resolution of 30 m (res. 15m) and 7 different spectral channels covering the whole range from the visible light to infrared and a thermal channel. Since the data are stored in a digital format it can be analysed by computer techniques.

All LANDSAT TM scenes are partly evaluated and classified. Change detection shows the development of this area. The channels of the Mega Rice Project are in this scene and the huge burned scars from the fires in autumn 1997. Radar Images: ERS-1 and ERS-2 SAR images. Major disadvantage of optical LANDSAT TM images for operational planning and monitoring is the frequent cloud coverage in tropical regions. The all-weather-capacity of SAR allows land surface mapping and monitoring under these conditions. ERS SAR images have the same spatial resolution as LANDSAT images (30m), however only one spectral channel. This limits the number of land use classes, which can be detected by this system to 8-12 classes. The ERS-1/2 receiving stations in Indonesia (Pare-Pare), Singapore (CRISP) and Thailand have recorded a set of ERS images covering the whole province of Kalteng, which allows mapping of regions about which no recent optical information is available. Kalteng Consultants has many ERS images on stock. Remote sensing processing Image processing Image classification Signature analysis Sensor fusion Geographical Information System (GIS) Recommendations, Thematic Maps, Reports, Workshops Ref.: Boehm, H.-D.V., F. Siegert (1999) Application of Remote Sensing and GIS to monitor peatland multi-temporal in Central Kalimantan, presented at TROPEAT, JSPS-Symposium, in Bogor 22-23 Nov 1999