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Environmental Field Trials and GIS Image Analysis’s in the Tangkiling District along River Rungan in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia, 9-2005

presented at
the International Symposium in Palangkaraya
21.- 24.09.2005

Land cover and zoning of Rungan Sari

Dr. H.-D.V. Boehm *), Olga Sara Ramirez **) and Daniela Bustillo ***)

*) Kalteng Consultants, Kirchstockacher Weg 2, D-85635 Hoehenkirchen, near Munich, Germany, Tel: +49-8102-774848, Fax: -774850 Email:,
**) Universidade Tecnologica de Pereira, Colombia, Carrera 3 No 20-65 p3, Pereira, Colombia, Tel: +57-6-333-2587
***) Jalan Tjilik Riwut km 36, No. 33, Rungan Sari, Sei Gohong, Palangkaraya, 73225, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia  Boehm-Environmental field trials of Tangkiling District 22.09.2005

Landsat ETM images 118-61, 118-62, acquired on 14. Jan and 15. Feb 2003, were compared by using detailed analysis of the region around the Tangkiling granite hills and the black water river Rungan north of Palangkaraya. These images show major changes in this largest remnant of tropical peatland related to extreme rates of deforestation and the worst fires in 2002, since 1997, compared to older Landsat images from 1991, 1997, 2000, ref. 5+6. Ground truthing were done in this study area 2004 with a map-size of 26 km by 42 km in the Tangkiling district and around the hills itself of Sei Gohong and Rungan Sari in a small scale of approx. 12 km by 18 km with PSF, grassland, agriculture, scrub, riparian gallery, regrowth, secondary forest, home gardens, burnt areas from 2002, settlement, sand, water bodies etc.

The zoning areas were evaluated according to landscape ecological principles along river Rungan and along smaller rivers for development and conservation purposes. We did an environmental diagnosis for the zones under study, which classifies area of interest based on socio-cultural and economic aspects as well as ecological aspects. We formulate and prioritize strategies for the management of the areas trying to combine needs of conservation and local people necessities through alternatives of biodiversity utilization and land rehabilitation.

  • Maps regarding the present environmental condition of the assigned areas will be presented in large and small scale around Tangkiling village (which describe and analyse the present situation)
  • Zoning maps are produced for development and conservation areas regarding to three objectives based on the landscape ecological analysis: - Conservation of large preservation and restoration areas, such as high steep slopes, PSF, woodlands, green corridors, etc. - Conservation of small vegetation areas - Conservation of the vegetation along the river as a green corridor and water protection
  • Areas in the small scale mapping around Tangkiling hills describe the current land cover such as agriculture, traditional home gardens, scrub and grass lands, forest and forest regrowth, housing and recreation areas, etc.

Keywords: Central-Kalimantan, Tropical Peatland + PSF, Conservation, Environmental Manage-ment, Zoning Areas, Peat-Fires 2002, Remote Sensing + GIS, GPS, Tangkiling, Sei Gohong, Rungan Sari.