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remote sensing

Environmental Helicopter Flight Trails with Remote Sensing Systems, 9-2000

presented at
DGLR, Leipzig, Germany, 2000

Environmental Helicopter with a modular sensor package

H.-D. V. Boehm & S. Haisch, ECD & KC

In the summer of 1998, a customer contacted Eurocopter because he was interested in the Environmental Helicopter System (EHC) developed by Eurocopter Deutschland (ECD).

The customer became aware of this concept due to previous publications by ECD concerning the environmental helicopter (EHC). To get an EU financing from Brussels the customer needs to prove the ability of the Airborne Environmental Monitoring and Control System (means a helicopter as a platform for special sensors) in a demonstration campaign. Therefore a BK 117 helicopter was equipped with a thermal imaging and measuring camera (AGEMA) and a high resolution line scanner (WAAC). Due to bad weather conditions a measurement campaign could not be established in Hungary in December 1998. Instead of that it was done in South-Bavaria.

The measurement flights in Hungary were done in June 2000. This paper descibes the sensors, the setup in the helicoper, the flight trials and the results of these flight trials.